Final Portifilo

I learn alot about graphic design in this semester. From learning how to create idioms to making my own surrealism poster. Alot of work was done in Illustrator which I am very used to now because we used it so much! I learn how to also work and manipulate different images in photoshop. I also learned how to combine together projects in InDesign.

My favorite piece that I did in graphic design has to be the one I just finished which was the surrealism picture. I thought it was my favorite because I enjoy making it. It took a lot of imagination but it came out pretty good. Then there were others such as idioms, relief printing,company logos etc. My Strengths out of my photos has to be the designs. My Weaknesses out of all my photos are the colors and the composition . Even though I had good ideas a lot of them didn’t turn out the way I planned. The most challenging assignment had to have been the surrealism poster , took alot of time to complete and I had to place photos in the correct areas. The item I am most proud of is the film of photos , i forgot the assignment name. But I am most proud of that one because it has me on it. The assignment I gain the most insight from the company logos. I didnt know that company logos were so easy to make! I chose to work further on the surrealism I love creating those. I wanna set more goals to creating surrealism pieces.

The past semester has created chances I never thought I would have. It showed me how to create amazing art just by using the computer. My experience in this class i will always remember. I intend on using some of the techniques i learned in class in the future.

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Assignment #11 (Surrealism Art Exhition Poster)

This Is Assignment 11. In Assignment 11 We Had To Find & Recreate A Surrealistic Piece Of Art. First We Went On The Internet For Works Of Art Found Witi=hin The Surrealism Genre. Then We Chose An Inspiration Piece. Broke The Piece Down To Parts. Used Are Digital Camera To Photograph Similar Elements. Using Photoshop We Multipulated And Blended The Photos Together To recreate our Inspiration Piece.

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Assignment #10 ( Business Cards)

This Is Assignment 1o , Assignment 1o was on Business Cards. We Had To Make Business Cards Containing Business Information About A Company Or Individual. We Then Sketch Out 8 Card Layouts& Created The Designs In Illustrator & InDesign.

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Assignment 9 ( Lettermark_Wordmark)

This is Assignment 9. Assignment 9 is about Lettermark _Wordmark.

In This Assignment We Design A Lettermark and A Workmark. First, We Chose A Company Name From A List Of Businesses . Then We Did Research On The Company & Fond Color Fonts & Sketch Atleast  Possible Designs. Then We Created The Logo In Illustrator.

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Assignment 8 ( Company Logos)

This is Assignment # 8 . Assignment 8 is about company logos. We had to make company logos based on the businesses we chose from. We only could chose between 2 to 3 colors . I made my logos on Insight Creative Group.

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Assignment 10 ( Business Card)

This Is Assignment #10 . Assignment #1 is how to design your own business card. I chose to make a variety of business for the 2 different businesses I had. The businesses were Canton Travel & Tour and Barking Biscuits ( not sure if those are real businesses). I based most of the business cards on what I thought the businesses would be about.

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AIGA ( The Professional Association For Design)

  AIGA, the professional association for design, purpose is to help the professional designers that come to them first in order to exchange or create new ideas.

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Surrealism Is A Cultural Movement That Began In The 1920’s , & Is Best Known For The Visual Artworks & Writings Of The Group Members.

All Of These Photos Are Artist From Alchemy Image Works.

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Assignment 7 (Combination Mark) 4/28/11

This Is Assignment 7 . This Was On Combination Marks With Color .

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Assignment 8 (Company Logos) 4/28/11

This Is Assignment #8 . We Had To Make Company Logos . Mine Were On Insight Creative Group .

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